The Dash network has funded the creation of an easy-to-use web wallet that will include special features, such as tips.

Titled  MyDashWallet , the project is based on Ethereum’s popular MyEtherWallet and will be identified as a light wallet that can be accessed via the web, similar to a web wallet, but with private keys in user control. According to the author of the proposal and CEO of Delta Engine, Benjamin Nitschke, a web wallet experience will be provided for new users without the inherent security risks and with some extra features:

«Initially MyDashWallet will give Dash users the option to use a hardware wallet or the simple option of creating a local wallet in the browser without having to download anything. All funds are safe and under the control of the user at all times. The next thing is to integrate other services, such as a better experience to give tips, give away, spend small amounts, microservices, exchange to other currencies, etc. «

Ease of use is the name of Dash, and a web wallet reinforces it

A recent complaint is that Dash currently has few options for reliable web wallets, which make an attractive cryptocurrency for regular users familiar with online banking services, among others. Although it is a new territory, Nitschke believes that the project can be easily achieved:

«For what it is (territory) completely uncovered, but it is for most currencies, except Ethereum and coins similar to Ethereum (NEO for example has a good web client, even with support in hardware wallets). There are risks, but we should talk about them after knowing that the problems could be with mixing in PrivateSend (which is really not possible if all you have is a one-way wallet) and InstantSend (it should work fine, but moocowmoo [ developer of Dash Core] told us about some problems with thin clients doing this, which explains why most do not support this functionality by default). «

A multiplatform tip system would allow easy adoption of new users

One of the key features of MyDashWallet will be a powerful tip tool. This feature will allow users to tip others and send small amounts of Dash to several accounts in social networks or email addresses, with a link to create a MyDashWallet and receive the funds. According to Nitschke, this will create an all-in-one system for online Dash tips, something that does not yet exist:

«No, as far as there is an old tipper for Reddit, which does not work well, also some bots in slack that are no longer used and a new bot in Discord that many still do not use. Before we built bots on Telegram, Twitter, Reddit and Discord, on these platforms we can promise a better experience for MyDashWallet users. Also commissions very close to zero, which is very good when it comes to tips. «

The first days of Dash Force were focused on encouraging social networks and other activities through tips, mainly via Reddit or Slack, and the nascent Bitcoin Cash movement has had similar success with tips through the Tippr service. A tipping solution that is easy to use would help Dash to be distributed online, which can lead to new activities and contests in the community.

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